Dear everyone !
The last few days have been a roller-coaster, haven't they? One morning you wake up, get your cup of coffee and start your day. The next you're asked to stay home and not move because the world has asked to push the pause button.
The SLOW Beachwear Team has always stood by its slogan and encouraged others to slow down, enjoy the moment and savour it. This is the time to do it! Chaos will not get us through this, running around will not get you back to the morning when the world was on play mode.
This is the time to take responsibility and not be selfish. Think about others before you think about yourself. Look to the ones that might be in a much worse situation than you and think what you can do to help! Even a little gesture will be a big step for someone else.
And most importantly, through all this - SLOW DOWN! Find your summer in the world right now. This is not the end, but only the beginning... even if it doesn't feel like it!
Stay safe and let's get to the sunlight - together!
 Designer Elīna ŠTOBE and the Team
*Please remember that you have not been able to return and change purchases during the sale, because there may be no other sizes
*Due to the situation around the world, shipments may be delayed until 2 weeks